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Organization Hacks | 10 Tips on How to Get Your Life Together

The truth is that we’ve all struggled with disorder in our workspaces or offices, especially when deadlines are looming. What most of us don’t know, however, is that neglecting our workspaces can lead to negative consequences we might not have realized before. When it comes to business, appearance is very important and unlike what may people think, appearance does not end with suits and ties, it extends deeper into our habits and beyond.

We can all attest to having a co-worker whose desk was or is always messy with office supplies, papers, food wrappers, dirty cups, and so on. We can also attest that the first thought that came or comes to mind once we look at their messy desks or offices is just how lazy and incompetent they are. If the messy worker in your office is you, by reading this, you can already guess what your co-workers think of you and we can all agree that maintaining orderliness in your workspace is important, not only to your personal image but to your professional image as well.

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Organization equals to productivity; this means that with a disorganized workspace, it would be impossible to get your work done efficiently. Fortunately, most Americans seem to understand this perfectly. According to a recent study, 77% of Americans believe that a disorganized workspace holds back their productivity while 90% believe that clutter not only has a negative impact on their work lives but on their personal lives as well.

A tidy workspace also saves you time. Most people postpone de-cluttering their desks claiming not to have enough time to do so without considering the long minutes they spend hour after hour sorting through their files trying to locate long-forgotten documents. Think of the amount of time you would save if every item in your desk or office has a designated place.


So, is your workspace a mess? Do you often wonder how the clutter on your desk grew overnight? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, do not allow your mess to affect your productivity. Here are ten organization ideas to help you out.


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