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How to Stay Organized at Work: 7 Awesome Calendar Apps

A shared calendar app or calendar tool is just like a normal calendar with the only difference being that it can be shared and accessed through a mobile device or a desktop computer. There are quite a number of calendar applications on the market today to make life easier for business owners and managers, virtual assistants, sole traders, and individuals as well.

Calendar apps are a great way to share calendars with employees and clients alike. They are also great at managing appointments, workloads, and deadlines. They overcome unnecessary phone calls and emails thus saving time and boosting productivity.

Forgetting important tasks and appointments with clients can be embarrassing to a business, but most importantly, it can be damaging to the reputation of the business, which can be disastrous, to say the least. That’s why businesses of all types, big or small, should embrace shared calendar apps.
Scheduling calendar Apps
Those who own or run several businesses find online calendars fabulous tools as they allow them to create a calendar for each one of their businesses and clients. With so many calendar apps to choose from, picking favorites can be a little difficult.

But the truth is that the best calendar software depends on individual needs and circumstances. If one calendar app worked best for all businesses and individuals, the wide range of calendar tools on the market would not exist.

In spite of this, there are some apps, such ZipSchedules and Google Calendar, which have continued to take the market by storms for a number of reasons.
ZipSchedules has been described by users as “the easiest and most affordable way for employers and employees to interact and communicate remotely”. ZipSchedules practically puts the schedule in employee’s pockets by notifying them whenever a schedule has been published or updated, enabling them to request time off, swap shifts and edit availability.

Google Calendar continues to gain popularity by the day, possibly because getting started with this particular app is easy, especially if you already have a Gmail account since you don’t need to sign up.

To learn more about ZipSchedules and Google Calendar, and to discover more calendar apps that will help keep you and your business well organized, keep reading. http://zipschedules.com/blog/how-to-stay-organized-at-work-7-awesome-calendar-apps/?utm_source=socialmedia


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