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Free Employee of the Month Certificate for Small Business Managers

According to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, employees that retire voluntarily cite lack of recognition as a major cause for leaving their jobs. The same statics show that even though most managers and supervisors claim to show recognition and appreciation to their employees, only 17% of employees report to have received recognition or appreciation at any point of their working lives.

The good news, however, is that over the last couple of years, employers have shown a genuine interest in recognizing their top performers, and a result, almost all companies have an employee recognition program, where employees are recognized and rewarded occasionally.
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If you are looking for an inexpensive strategy to motivate your employees, consider presenting them with an employee of the month certificate. The employee of the month, who is habitually selected by management, is a recognition that is awarded to an employee for his or her outstanding contribution to a company or organization. This recognition usually comes with a gift, thank you note, or an employee of the month certificate. In simple terms, the employee of the month can be described as an employee who generally goes beyond the expectations of his or her job.

While this strategy might not seem like much, you’d be surprised just how much impact it can make to an employee who has been feeling like no one has been paying attention to his or her efforts. Everyone loves being recognized for their hard work, regardless of whether they are employees or employers.

The employee of the month certificate can boost employee morale and productivity, and it can also create a positive environment in the workplace. When a work environment is populated by recognized employees, the environment will be a happier and more interesting place to be, not only for employees, but for clients as well. Employees will always feel positive about coming to work, and clients too will feel good about dealing with a positive-minded team.

Read on to learn more about employee of the month certificate, its benefits, and reasons why it could be the key to boosting productivity amongst your employees. https://hubworks.com/blog/free-employee-of-the-month-certificate-for-small-business-managers.html


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