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3 Scheduling Mistakes to Avoid With a Free Schedule Maker

It is normal for a business to bump into one kind of scheduling problem or another. Even with exceptional managerial skills, scheduling mistakes are bound to occur. As a manager, you can come up with a great work schedule for your employees only to realize that you have scheduled someone who is away on holiday or sick leave when the schedule has already been published. In such a circumstance, there is nothing you can do but try to make amendments the best way you can.

If you are still stuck with Excel or any other manual scheduling process, such a situation will result to you looking through employee files and calling everyone to see who might be willing to take up the empty slot. Unfortunately, with a manual scheduling system, reacting to scheduling mistakes in good time is practically impossible. In any case, it’s not a matter of filling the empty slot with anyone that’s available. You will need to match up the specific skill set of the absent employee. Failure to find a suitable replacement will possibly result in poor customer service and unhappy clients.
Restaurant Scheduling App
A free schedule maker can help solve this and other scheduling emergencies because it keeps track of employee qualifications, certifications and skill-sets. A schedule maker, also known as employee scheduling software, will pinpoint the most relevant employee to fill a shift just by a click of the mouse.

Seeing that scheduling challenges are part and parcel of a manager’s life, a manager who still uses manual scheduling methods can be compared to a full-time switchboard operator. This is because such a manager spends the better part of the day on the telephone having conversation after conversion with employees who want to request time off, swap a shift or to simply complain about one issue or another. And the list goes on.

The rest of this article talks about common scheduling mistakes managers make and how they can be avoided with a free schedule maker. Unfortunately, when scheduling mistakes occur regularly, they can cause a lot of stress for employees.This can affect productivity in a negative way and can even cause problems with retention. Read on. http://zipschedules.com/blog/restaurant-scheduling-app/?source=socialmedia


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