Employee Scheduling Software

Is Staff Scheduling Software Really Worth your Time and Money?

If you are a business owner or manager, there is a very high chance that you already know what staff scheduling software is. Perhaps you are wondering whether this kind of software is really worth your time and money seeing that most manual scheduling methods such as paper and pen and excel spreadsheets are way cheaper. After all, isn’t paper-and-pen scheduling free or almost free?

While we agree that Excel and paper-based employee scheduling comes at almost no cost, what you probably don’t know is that you are missing out on some very important benefits that only scheduling software can provide.

Staff Scheduling Software

Consider this – a scheduling task that usually takes you one hour each day to complete, which equates to 7 hours a week, can easily be tackled within minutes with the right kind of scheduling software, leaving you with more time to focus on other administrative tasks.

Consider this too – with manual scheduling processes, you are always forced to set aside a few minutes or hours to check the availability of everyone before creating your weekly schedule. As you well know, failing to check with employees before scheduling them is a recipe for endless headaches as you will be forced to handle endless shift changes(and a few absences) throughout the week, which can be stressing and frustrating, not to be mention time-consuming.

You are also forced to set aside some time to consider other important scheduling factors, such as holiday leave, time off request, school, exams, skills and certifications, talents, and so on. Paper schedules or Excel, as you know, do not include employee information, such as availability.This means that you usually store such information or data elsewhere.

In addition to this, whenever you are forced to change the schedule for one reason or another, how do you inform your employees about the updates with Excel and other manual scheduling methods? Do you hang the updated schedules on the bulletin or do you make frantic calls hoping to catch everyone before everything goes terribly wrong?

Whatever the case, you will agree with us that scheduling employees manually is not a pleasant experience. If you want to find out how employee scheduling software can solve all these challenges and more for you, read on and you will understand why this kind of software is worth every single cent you invest on it. http://zipschedules.com/blog/staff-scheduling-software/


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