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6 Helpful Benefits That Will Make You Love Your Restaurant Timeclock

As a restaurant owner or manager, what was the last thing you did to increase your profits? Whatever your answer might be, there is no right or wrong path to success for every restaurant, as every restaurant’s needs are different. In spite of this, it is worth noting that many restaurant owners have chosen to concentrate on outward-facing strategies, such as improving the menu and finding cheaper acquisition methods, when they should be looking within.

Increasing employee productivity is perhaps one of the most overlooked or ignored avenue for boosting restaurant profits. According to a recent study, the U.S. economy loses more than $7 billion every single day due to poor time management skills. Time is money, and when your employees spend it irresponsibly, you can consider it as money flushed down the drain for your restaurant.

This means that employee time tracking is very important if you hope to improve the bottom line of your restaurant. Unfortunately, some managers don’t understand this and consequently, more than 40% of restaurants in the U.S. still use outdated and undependable time and attendance tracking methods.

Time Card Machine
The cost of implementing an automated time tracking system, such as a restaurant time clock, might be a bit high when compared to traditional time tracking systems, but the benefits far outweigh the cost of investment.

Let’s say employee A is running late, so he texts his buddy, employee B, and requests him to clock him in. After all, he will be there within the next few minutes. These few minutes, as you already know, are equivalent to a few dollars which keep adding up every time employees clock in and out for each other. This practice is known as buddy punching and according to studies; it is the most common type of time theft in the U.S.

The benefits of implementing a modern time and attendance system include eradicating buddy punching and other forms of time theft. Automated employee time tracking also comes with other advantages that are usually ignored when it comes to boosting restaurant profits. To learn more about automated employee time and attendance and the benefits it can bring to your restaurant, keep reading. http://zipclock.com/blog/restaurant-timeclock/


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