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5 Useful Benefits of a Web Time Clock You Need To Know About Today

Managing employee time and attendance is not easy, but it does not give you enough reason to ignore it. You are extremely busy, yes, and your employees are not children to be controlled, but these are not good excuses either to close your eyes to time and attendance management. If you still insist that you have good reason not to accurately track employee time and attendance, keep reading and we are sure you will have changed your mind by the time you are through with this article.

For starters, are you aware that you may be paying absent employees? Whether an employee is absent or late, the fact remains that you will still be paying for work that has not been done. Other than the financial aspect of it, by choosing to ignore time and attendance, you are definitely setting up your company for endless lawsuits. This is because when you don’t have enough proof of tardiness and absences, it is extremely easy for employees to allege that you are not paying them what you rightfully owe them.

Web Time Clock

If you don’t know this already, then understand this fact from today onwards: the Fair Labor Standards Act is very clear that as an employer, you must pay your employees overtime, even when it happens to be unapproved overtime.

And as if this is not enough, when some employees are constantly tardy or absent, other employees might copy the habit and this will destroy the morale of your entire workforce. In short, when there is no evidence of any effort from management to discipline slackers, you will experience a drop in productivity. In the worst case scenario, the work will not get done at all.

To counter attack all this, you need to up your time and attendance efforts, and a web time clock is exactly what you need. A web time clock is among the various web-based employee management tools that have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of months mainly because it has eliminated many actions involving time fraud or time theft. Keep reading to learn more about a web time clock, it advantages, and how it can make your time and attendance tracking easier and more effective. Follow this link to know more about this blog..


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