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8 Benefits a Job clock Can Offer Restaurant Owners

Twenty year ago, restaurants tracked hourly employees through manual timesheets which are no longer effective in today’s world where there is too much to do and almost no time to get it done. Today, restaurant owners and managers have resorted to more effective time management strategies to collect, process, and manage employee time and attendance. One such strategy has been to implement a jobclock or a restaurant jobclock app.

A high quality jobclock is capable of collecting your employees’ time punches in any setting or location, and sending or pushing the data back to the main office via smartphones like Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile.time clock app

In addition to this, a restaurant jobclock app will bring the following benefits to restaurants:

  1. A jobclock will help you to track employee time in a way that suits your business best. This could be online, via a swipe card, a time clock, a smsrtphone app, or remotely if your restaurant offers outside catering.
  2. Such an app will improve productivity through a number of ways, such as replacing manual timesheet calculations, curbing time theft, and eliminating buddy punching.
  3. A jobclock makes managing employee schedules much easier and more effective. After implementing one, you will find that assigning resources becomes easier and the time you use to schedule your workers reduces drastically.
  4. With a restaurant jobclock app, you will be able to effectively manage overtime, time off, pay policies and more.
  5. You will eliminate the need to manually calculate sick days, vacation and compensation time accruals.
  6. The app will make your employees more responsible and more accountable for their time. Knowing that you have a time tracker that reports the time they have worked will keep them on their toes.
  7. When integrated with CCTV cameras, a jobclock will force your employees to avoid distraction and as a result, they will remain focused and dedicated to their jobs.
  8. A restaurant jobclock app will also prevent employee stress that is usually brought about by hectic schedules. Because a jobclock will track and save employee hours in a central location, you will be able to access this data so as to determine the employees who have already finished their weekly time quota. This way, you will be able to avoid overworking them.

To sum it up, a restaurant jobclock app will keep your employees in check and this will prompt them to add more value to their time. As a result, this will improve the quality of your service and bring in more sales as a result.


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