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8 Things to Arrange Before Creating an Employee Schedule

Shift management is among the biggest challenges you will ever face as a restaurant owner, manager, or supervisor. You will not only have to ensure that you have enough manpower to efficiently handle all tasks; you will have to come up with scheduling strategies that minimize labor costs, while at the same time making sure that you meet most, if not all, scheduling needs of your employees. Unfortunately, it might be impossible to accomplish all this if you are still using pen and paper to schedule your employees. To maximize the efficiency of your schedules, you will need a quicker and more accurate scheduling solution such as cloud-based scheduling software.

Whatever shift management system you may be using, below are 8 things you will want to prepare or organize first before you create your daily, weekly, or monthly schedules:Shift Management

  1. Labor categories

Arranging labor categories involves organizing and subdividing schedules and job codes. This information is basically controlled in pecking order, i.e. labor category-schedule-job code.

  1. Schedules

Arranging schedules will enable you to put workers with particular job codes into a given schedule with little to no difficulty.

  1. Job codes

In simple terms, job codes are the specific tasks or duties that employees perform together with the pay rates. As the manager, supervisor, or simply the person in charge of shift management in your restaurant, you probably know that if a particular employee works several positions, it is normal for him or her to have several job codes and schedules. For example, a bartender can also work as a server, and a server can also work as a bartender.

  1. Day part information

When we talk of day part information, we are referring to the day parts that are configured for a business, which for a restaurant are usually breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most restaurants usually have 2 day parts, which are AM or PM.

  1. Scheduling locations

Setting up or arranging scheduling locations is a very important part of shift management as it makes it easy for you know exactly where a particular employee will be working so you can tie the locations to the job codes. Such locations include dinning area, bar, and so on.

  1. Skill level and certifications

Having such information within reach will enable you to make wise decisions about who to schedule where based on their proficiencies and certifications.

  1. Rules and parameters

When it comes to shift management, rules and parameters will always come in handy, especially when it comes to time off requests. Such rules and parameters will prompt you to respect employee rights and to respect company policies too as you prepare employee schedules.

  1. Time off requests

Considering all time off request, especially the long-standing ones, will take your shift management skills a notch higher by significantly reducing absenteeism, building trust and increasing productivity, among many other benefits.


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