Online Monthly Timesheet

8 Great Advantages of Using an Online Monthly Timesheet

The undisputable fact is that preparing a monthly time sheet manually is a pain that can be avoided by using an online monthly timesheet instead. Employees will always begrudgingly pencil in their time, fail to submit their timesheets on time or misplace them, especially when they know they’ve fallen behind somewhere.

In short, if as a restaurant owner or manager you are still using manual ways to create your monthly time sheet, you are losing out tremendously, especially because your employees are wasting precious time whenever they put their tasks on hold to fill out that monthly time monthly timesheet

If you are still managing employee time via paper timesheets, here are 8 benefits of using an online monthly timesheet:

  1. Freeing up office space

Unsurprisingly, online timesheets will free up office space clutter since you will no longer need all those cabinets to stuff your paper timesheets in.

  1. No more nagging

With a timesheet application, you no longer have to nag your employees to submit their timesheets for approval. The application does the nagging for you via automated reminders. A reminder will also be sent to you as soon as a monthly time sheet has been submitted.

  1. Transparency

With online timesheets, you will no longer have to field constant questions from employees who want to know how much time they have accrued, how many vacation days they have left, and other such administrative questions. They will be able to access such information whenever they wish on the web.

  1. Fewer absences

Because of this transparency, your restaurant workers will be able to own their time and therefore be able plan their time-off accordingly. While emergencies such as illnesses tend to occur unexpectedly, your timesheet software will be able to flag an employee who is abusing the system over a period of time.

  1. Less work for your payroll administrator

In the very same way, automated time off and vacation time means less work for your payroll administrator because tracking employee time manually is usually very demanding for payroll administrators.

  1. Highly customizable

Online monthly timesheet can easily be customized or personalized to suit your restaurant’s needs.

  1. They make your restaurant more attractive to quality jobseekers

Your restaurant will become more attractive to quality jobseekers when they know that they will be able to use tools that will boost their productivity by freeing them up and allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

  1. Getting rid of headaches

While automating a monthly time sheet does not guarantee that you will no longer get headaches when dealing with other managerial tasks in your restaurant, you can rest assured that it will save you a lot of headaches when it comes to employee timesheets.


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