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TIME CLOCK APP – Understanding Employee Schedule Adherence and Its Importance

When we talk of employee schedule compliance or adherence, we are talking about the degree to which employees stick to their schedules. Seeing that staffing remains one of the biggest costs facing most, if not, all businesses, it is easy to understand why all business owners should invest in a quality time clock app. With a time clock app or an automated punch clock app, it becomes very easy to tell how well employees comply or adhere to their schedules.

If you were to ask a group of business managers and other workforce management experts about their biggest challenge, chances are that most of them will say that it is schedule adherence. They are also likely to tell you that most of their time and effort (which goes to forecasting workload, creating schedules, and calculating employee requirements) always goes to waste whenever employees fail to abide by the schedule plan.

Time management app – the importance of schedule adherence

time management app

If you run a small business with 5-20 employees, you might be fooled into thinking that a time management app or a punch clock app is not necessary. The truth is that schedule adherence is important for small businesses too, especially if you take the time to closely observe all the different times of the day where employee time is lost. It is only then that you will realize how lost time, no matter how insignificant, can eventually tally up to a serious loss of revenue.

Below is an excellent example of how damaging schedule disobedience can be:

Employee A shows up for her shift 5 minutes late, clocks in via a time clock app or a punch clock app 6 minutes late, shows up for a session of training 7 minutes late, and goes over her break time by 10-15 minutes. The time lost in such a setting amounts to 30 minutes or so for a single shift. If you were to multiply such an “out of adherence” scenario across a small business with 5 – 20 employees, and thereafter multiply what you get by the total amount of shifts, it becomes easy to see how expensive schedule disobedience can turn out to be over the course of a single year.

While there are various strategies to solve schedule adherence problems, most businesses have realized that measuring and tracking adherence using a time management app such as a punch clock app or a time clock app plays an increasingly important role in the whole exercise.


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