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2 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Your Restaurant Schedule This Holiday Season

The holidays are here and people are more than willing to spend extra cash to make the festivities memorable. So, what are you doing to woo customers into your restaurant and to provide memorable experiences to each and every happy family that streams through your restaurant’s door?

We suggest you start by analyzing your restaurant schedule. While it is true that no schedule is perfect, there are some restaurant employee scheduling mistakes that can result in poor customer service. As you know, poor customer service will unquestionably lead to unhappy customers. To help you keep your customers happy and well satisfied this holiday season, here are some common mistakes to avoid with your restaurant employee scheduling efforts:

1. Avoid copying or using the same schedule week after week

restaurant employee scheduling

Copying the same schedule week after week is tempting, especially when you have access to a scheduling app that makes it easy to reuse or recycle schedules. While there is nothing wrong with recycling a successful restaurant schedule, doing so might not be such a good idea during a busy season and can easily produce unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

Instead of copying one schedule, perform some research. We know that it can be difficult to predict the specific numbers of employees you will need per week during this auspicious occasion, but looking into past sales will give you a rough idea on how to schedule your employees. Restaurant scheduling is by no means a simple task, and more so during the holidays, but a little research will enable you and your team to handle whatever the festivities bring.

  1. Do not ignore your surroundings

Perhaps you don’t know this, but looking into your surroundings and the events that are likely to take place will also give you an idea on how to schedule your staff. For example, if you manage a sports bar, you will obviously want to make sure that you have extra hands on duty during game days. By ignoring major events in your area, you will be missing a very big restaurant scheduling step.

To take your restaurant employee scheduling skills a notch higher this season, make a habit of chatting with your customers, taking neighborhood walks and reading the local paper. This will give an idea on the events that are likely to send more customers your way, and you can then incorporate such events into your restaurant schedule.

The truth is that it can be very difficult to create a flawless restaurant schedule at any given time of the year, but by avoiding these two scheduling mistakes, you will drastically reduce the woes that are usually associated with restaurant scheduling during the holidays.


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