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2 Urgent Reasons to Try Out an Employee Time Clock before Buying It

Wouldn’t it be a nice to try out an employee time clock for free before deciding to purchase it or not?

If you are shopping for an employee time clock and you are wondering if you can actually get to try out one for free just to see how well it suits your business, you are in luck! Many punch clock software and online time clock vendors are now offering free software trials to allow potential clients to test their products before making long-term commitments in terms of time and money.

But before taking advantage of free punch clock software trials, it would be wise to ask a few questions upfront, such as the following:

  • Is the free employee time clock trial limited by any means?
  • How long will the trial period last?
  • Is technical support available during the trial period?
  • Do you have to begin fresh after the free trial period expires?

Now back to why you should try out employee time clock software before buying it:

  1. Ensuring it has all the features you are looking for

A free trial period is the best time to ensure the program has all the features your business needs. A program with limited features will obviously not be fully compatible with the needs of most businesses out there. The good thing about a free trial is that since you will be getting an opportunity to test the software directly, you will see how it responds to many different situations before making a long-term commitment.

  1. Ensuring it will effectively support your payroll rules

employee time clock

A free online time clock trial is also a great opportunity to see how well the software accommodates your payroll rules. This means that the free trial period should be enough to enable you to use the software all the way through a full payroll period.

The free trial period will also allow you to see how well the employee time clock will handle overtime settings and rules. This period should be able to reveal any deficiency to the service.

Most online time clock or employee time clock vendors offer a free trial period, and it is therefore wise to start taking advantage of this period as soon as you subscribe to it. The last thing any business owner or manager needs is to have the free trial period expire before he or she gets an opportunity to understand the software well enough to make a wise decision.


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