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3 Secrets to Uncomplicated Holiday Staff Scheduling

As the year comes to a close, staff scheduling will be among the most pressing needs for retailers and restaurateurs as well. Businesses that have been doing well all year can expect a steady flow of customers, both new and regular, and they can expect this to last from November through to early January. As a smart manager or business owner, the earlier you start creating a solid staff scheduling strategy, the easier it will be to safeguard your business against any scheduling issues during this busy time.

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Below are some very effective tips on holiday staff scheduling to make things easier for you. But first, we recommend that you invest in staff scheduling software that suits the kind of business you run and the number of employees you have. If you intend to take on seasonal hires, the more reason you have to use a quality scheduling app or highly regarded staff scheduling software. As you probably know, online staff scheduling can be very effective, but only with the right kind of scheduling app.

Now let’s look at the tips we have for you:

  1. Be open with any holiday hires – if you have plans to take on temporary employees for the season, let them know that you only intend to keep them for seasonally, not on a permanent basis. Hiding this kind of information is not only unprofessional and unethical; it can also land you on the wrong side of the law.
  2. Overhire – if you expect to get busier as the holidays approach, we advise you to plan for a few extra employees. These additional employees will help you to keep the business running well throughout the season, especially when some of your regular workers call in sick, or take vacation time. Managing temporary employees can be quite challenging and once again we recommend online staff scheduling as it has proved to be very effective in such cases.
  3. Limit time off for temps/seasonal workers – the main reason as to why seasonal employees may join a business is to support the primary workforce. It therefore makes sense to restrict time off for such workers so as to enable your current employees to take time off for various reasons. You will, however, want to make exceptions when a temp is sick or facing another kind of emergency.

Other than the above, there are many other ways to make holiday staff scheduling a success, such as paying your temps as much as your budget can allow. But the key to stress-free holiday scheduling lies in online staff scheduling, which can only be successful with a quality scheduling app or premium staff scheduling.


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