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3 Proven Tips for Managing Restaurant Staff Attendance During The Holiday Season

Managing a restaurant’s employee attendance is bound to get difficult over the holidays. Restaurant workers, just like all other employees, will want to be home with their families, others will want to travel, while others will need a short break just to recover from work over the past few months.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to agree to all time requests with such a busy season. Fortunately, with an online time clock or punch clock software of good quality, and a strong attendance policy, it is possible to minimize most attendance problems that come with the holidays.

Seeing that the holidays are almost here, below are 3 proven tips for managing restaurant staff attendance during the holiday season:

  1. Online time clock – Black out time off on certain days

Forecast the days you expect to be extremely busy and make it clear to your employees that they absolutely cannot take time off during these days. Such a policy, also known as a blanket policy, will reduce the chances of experiencing a short supply of workers when you need them most. With punch clock software or an automated employee time clock, employees will be able to view the ideal days to request time off from their smartphones whenever they want to.

  1. Online time clock – Make sure everyone gets some time off
Online Time Clock
Online Time Clock

When employees start fearing that they won’t be spending at least a day or two with their families and friends during the holidays, they are likely to start looking for work elsewhere. Make sure everyone gets at least some time off, but make it clear that it would not be possible to grant them all the time they would wish for so as to allow everyone to get away briefly without disrupting normal business operations. Once again, managers and supervisors will be able to view employees’ requests through punch clock software, and also be able to send in their request via the same software.

  1. Online time clock – create holiday schedules in advance

Setting holiday schedules far in advance is a great idea to get things moving smoothly during the holidays. A schedule that had been created at least 6-8 months in advance can easily be changed if need be via various scheduling tools such schedulers and employee time clocks.

Allowing shift swaps among employees and making exceptions for illnesses and other family emergencies are also excellent ways of motivating staff and improving attendance during the holidays, while making use of an automated online time clock or punch clock software will track their time and attendance data effortlessly and more accurately.


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