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Online Scheduling – Understanding Rule-Based Scheduling

Rule-based online scheduling simply means creating a schedule that respects both labor laws and company rules with the help of online scheduling software. In other words, this kind of employee scheduling allows a business or a company with unique organizational rules, complicated labor laws, and union agreements to set detailed criteria when scheduling employees.

For many organizations, employee schedules are complex. Between rotating shifts, on-call hours, and so on, it can be extremely difficult for a manager or whoever is in charge of employee scheduling to keep track of employee hours, let alone comply with rules. To ensure full compliance, we advise employers to take advantage of advanced employee scheduling software to streamline scheduling processes. Such software, which is cloud-based, will automatically create the ideal schedule, even with the most complicated employee scheduling scenario.

Below, we are going to look at some of the benefits that rule-based scheduling brings to any business:

  1. Avoiding criminal charges

The first and most beneficial advantage of rule-based online scheduling is avoidance of criminal charges. No business owner out there wants to face criminal charges for failure to adhere to the law, knowingly or unknowingly. There are hundreds of regulations and laws regarding how a company should manage its employees, safety rules, employee salary, and many others. Since a cloud-based employee scheduling software can be programmed to take such rules into consideration whenever a new schedule is being created, it is imperative for all businesses who wish to stay on the right side of the law to invest in one.

  1. Building a positive reputation

This one is also a positive impact of rule-based staff scheduling which can also be achieved with online scheduling software. The success of any business largely depends on its reputation, or its public image. When a business is constantly facing court cases, the public will start losing their trust in the said business and this will eventually affect sales in products or services. On the other hand, compliance builds a company’s reputation, and this in turn builds customer loyalty.

Compliance also helps a company with advertisers, sponsors, and government requirements. A company that has a reputation of full compliance is more likely to get signed up easily whenever necessary. In the same way, such companies and businesses are likely to pull through individual court cases and other incidences discreetly without damaging their public image.

  1. Higher productivity

Internal compliance to wages, benefits, compensations, safety, and employee protection create a positive work environment. Employees are more passionate about their jobs when they have reason to believe that they are safe and well compensated for their efforts.

With online scheduling software, and more so cloud-based employee scheduling software, it will be easier to comply with internal rules, making sure that everything is not only fair, but also safe for the business, its consumers, its staff, and its competitors as well.


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