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A Simple Explanation To What a Punch Clock Is

In the simplest terms possible, a punch clock is a timekeeping gadget which is usually used by organizations to record when employees arrive at work, and also when they leave work. Traditional punch clocks have long been used to track employee hours ever since the first punch clock was invented in the mid 1800s.

Unfortunately, traditional employee time tracking methods have always carried a number of disadvantages, such as time ineffectiveness, high error risk, inefficiency, and many more.

While a few minutes of lateness and a few errors her and there might seem like irrelevant issues, research shows that in the long run, they can have a significant impact on a company’s performance and efficiency, especially for small businesses.

Buddy punching is also another problem associated with this traditional time tracking approach. Buddy punching occurs when co-workers punch for a tardy or absent colleague. Fortunately, this practice is among the various challenges that many organizations have been able to curb with a digital punch clock.

In addition to this, times have changed and employees are progressively becoming mobile. Many companies are now allowing some of their workers to work remotely from home. With such advances, traditional punch clocks are becoming less sensible by the day.

On the other hand, a digital time clock, also known as a digital punch clock comes with various advantages that enable a business to manage employee time more effectively.


Some of the major advantages of a digital time punch clock include the following:

simple and swift time tracking process

  • reduced time theft
  • improved payroll accuracy
  • cost efficiency

Also, using a digital time punch clock is ecologically friendly and can even contribute to a company’s overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.


When it comes to cost, there are a wide variety of systems designed to accommodate the needs and budgets of practically every business out there. All of them come with various features, with some of them even monitoring employee vacations and benefits.

More advanced time and attendance tracking solutions come with a complete employee management system and HR modules. Such are the ideal time management solutions for corporations with a huge workforce.

Digital Punch Clock
Digital Punch Clock

Advantages for employees

Digital punch clocks also have advantages for employees. For employees who suspect they are being cheated by their employers, a digitalized time and attendance tracking system offers them the option of requesting an audit of their time cards. In the very same way, an employee can depend on such software to refute claims of absenteeism or tardiness.

In conclusion, a business that hopes to expand everyday is better off with digitalized time cards. An automated punch clock makes the entire process quicker, easier, and flawless.


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