Time Tracking App

Top 4 Scheduling Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid With A Time Tracking App

Even the most competent manager makes scheduling mistakes sometimes, especially when he or she is in charge of a huge workforce. Most managers who use a premium time tracking app have however reported to make fewer or no scheduling mistakes.

Time tracking apps, also known as time clock software are among the latest and most effective employee management solutions designed to meet the scheduling needs of businesses of all kinds.

Time Tracking App
Time Tracking App

According to research, here are the top scheduling mistakes that challenge most managers today, and how they can easily be prevented with time clock software or a time tracking app of good quality:

  1. Poor communication

Employee to employee communication is usually very poor in most organizations and mistakes occur daily as a result, especially scheduling mistakes. According to managers, a great amount of their time is spent talking to their employees regarding their assigned shifts. Consequently, most telephone lines are engaged all day and customers are neglected as a result. A time tracking app, on the hand, comes with a web-based communication center that eases communication and leaves telephone lines free all day and night.

  1. High labor costs

In most businesses, workers have different qualifications and availabilities. This means that they all have different salaries and pay rates. As most managers know too well, it can be extremely easy to erroneously schedule an employee and end up accumulating higher labor costs in the process. Overtime is also another problem that adds more costs, and more so during peak hours when higher coverage is required.

Overtime, in most cases, is thought of as an unavoidable cost. However, a time tracking app can easily solve this problem by automatically replacing an employee who would have otherwise incurred overtime with an employee who is yet to reach his or her weekly hour limit, reducing costs and saving the manager a huge headache in the process.

  1. Little or no employee input

When managers don’t allow employees to have enough say or the freedom to choose shifts, the personal issues of the employees, such as child care needs, personal appointments, and so on, may often coincide with their allocated shifts and this will contribute to the scheduling woes of the manager every single day.

Collaborative scheduling, on the other hand, solves this by enabling employees to choose shifts and this in turn reduces absenteeism while maximizing productivity.

  1. Lack of a contingency plan

Time and again, employees will change their availability or simply forget to show up for work. Lack of an emergency plan, such as having a part time labor force available to cover last minute changes can also contribute to expensive scheduling mistakes. This is yet another scheduling mistake that can be solved with a time tracking app which can be programmed to automatically suggest a relevant replacement should the need arise.


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